Our stones-The Process

There are multiple steps that go into making our wire wrapped stone pendants.

1. we go rock hunting, some of the stones on this site were found in Rockville Maryland, while the rest were purchased online they all go through the same process.

2. large stones are broken into smaller pieces with a chisel and hammer,
3. I grind stones into shapes, teardrop, oval, round, hearts etc.

4. Then it's off to the tumbler they go, where they will tumble in various abrasives and polishes, each step tumbles for at least one week. 

Tumbling steps are:

  • abrasive

  • pre-polish 

  • polish.

5. Clean and inspect each stone.

6. Wire wrap, making sure each stone is wrapped securely.

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Rockville, Maryland

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Raw Malachite

3 LBs of Malachite

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