It's your lucky day! You thought today couldn't get any better!? Get ready because we have another new addition to our Natural Seashell Collection! 
Since many of us won't be going to the beach this summer, I wanted to give my customers the gift of variety, here are Seashell Necklaces 2.0.

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A. Heart Shape- 33 x 28mm, antique bronze bezel, and antique bronze chain.
B. Circle-30 x 27mm, silver bezel and silver plated snake chain.
C. Rectangle- 51x 19mm, gold bezel and gold plated snake chain.
D. Heart Shape- 40x 28mm, antique bronze bezel & antique bronze chain.
E. Box Shape - 33 x 20mm, antique bronze bezel & brown cord.

F. Teardrop 37 x 20mm, silver bezel and silver plated snake chain.
G. 47 x43mm, antique bronze bezel & antique bronze chain.
NOTE-These Seashell Necklaces have a transparent back, not a sand background as the 1st set- see the last picture. 

Natural Seashell Jewelry | Seashell Necklace | 2.0

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