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Evil Eye Rings

Materials: Evil Eye Bead, two seed beads, non-tarnish Silver plated wire.

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What is the Meaning of an Evil Eye and What Do the Colors Represent?


Yellow or Gold
- Protect your health
- Relief from exhaustion
- Sharper mind and concentration

- Happiness and protection
- Motivation for commitment
- Increase creativity and playfulness

Dark Blue
- Karma and fate protection
- Calm and relaxation
- Open flow of communication

Light Blue
- General protection
- Broadening your perspective
- Solitude and peace

Dark Green
- Garners happiness
- Balance in your life
- Freedom to pursue new ideas

- Brings you courage
- More enthusiasm and energy
- Protection from fears and anxieties

- Protection from the elements
- Connection with nature
- Orderliness and convention


- Boost your imagination
- Re-balance your life
- To remove obstacles


- Protect against sorrow
- Openness to new situations
- Reduce intensity of another color

Light Green
- Success with your dreams
- Enjoyment and contentment
- Good health

- Purity and focus
- Clear clutter and obstacles
- To start fresh

- Protect your friendships
- Calming feeling
- Content and relaxation


Now, with all of the different types of harmful stuff out there, one can easily realize why we need different types of luck or good fortune.

But let’s read about the three kinds of evil eyes and color meanings.

Three kinds of evil eyes:

  • The first are unconscious evil eyes. These harm people & things, without intending to.
  • The second type intends to harm.
  • The third one is unseen, hidden evil which is the scariest.

What does it mean to harm someone without intention?

It might be the look you give someone on a quick glance, the rolling of your eyes when they say something or doing something. The thoughts that go through your mind and are not spoken aloud against someone.

These actions and thoughts send out negative energy toward that person without you even realizing it.

The second type is what we consider, “with intention.”

The gossip you spread about someone, the rage you feel toward another. The stare down or cursing, when someone cuts you off with their car, then slows down right in front of you-- you scream and curse in the car and think of all the possible bad things that can happen to them, actually happen. This is level two-- voicing aloud the evil eye curse even if you yourself do not invoke harm, you’ve made it known aloud either verbally or even with the extreme body language with a stare down or one finger sign-salute.

The third type, the unseen, a whole different level of evil-- the stuff evil eye amulets were made for.

This, being the scariest, is a form of premeditated evil, with layers involved in doing harm onto others. There are many different causes; jealousy, envy, coveting that will cause this type of evil. In other words, your good fortune is affected by someone’s jealousy so some sort of bad luck may happen to you as a result, feeling bad physically or psychologically.

A legend within the Greek communities say the signs for Matiasma “Mati” Evil Eye can result in the following:

  • Severe headache
  • Weakness
  • A sudden feeling of discomfort
  • To fall into the emptiness as consciousness
  • Suddenly emerged unwanted accidents
  • Unreasonable negativity in your job or home life
  • Stress and tension
  • An intense desire to sleep

No wonder we put up an evil eye in our homes, in our car, and even wear them as jewelry!

And so, we use the eye to destroy evil and neutralize its force.

The third one is the scariest.

No wonder we tend to put up an evil eye charm in our homes, in our car, and even wear them as jewelry. The idea behind it is that all of the bad energy will be directed to the amulets, the evil eyes.

  • if they break, crack, or are lost the legend has it they absorbed the harm, jealousy, envy and so forth, thus protecting you.


Rings | Evil Eye Rings

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