About The Stone Process  

Multiple steps go into making our wire wrapped stone pendants.
1. I go rock hunting, some of our stones are found in Maryland, while the rest were purchased online they all go through the same process.
2. I break large rocks into smaller pieces with a chisel and hammer.
3. I grind the smaller rock pieces into various shapes, teardrop, oval, round, heart, and diamond shape.
4. Then it's off to the barrel they go, where they will tumble with different abrasives and polishes, each step will take at least one week. 

Tumbling steps are:

  • 60/90 grit silicon carbide 

  • 110/220 grit silicon carbide 

  • pre-polish 

  • polish.

5. Clean and inspect each stone.
6. Wire wrap, making sure each stone is wrapped securely.

Earth's Natural Art and Jewelry has been selected for the Best of Rockville Award in the Artistic Jewelry Designer category for the last two years by the Rockville Award Program.

Earth's Natural Art and Jewelry

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